MckMama recently posted about wanting to run. To run away from all things of the world.

Indeed, Jennifer McKinney has reasons to run. In May 2009, a federal tax lien issued by the IRS was filed against her and her husband Israel McKinney and posted here.  While this lien was filed in May 2009, it had only come to light in March of this year. It was up to date despite MckMama refuting the publicly accessible record.

She states on May 9, 2010, a year after her first lien was filed against them:

These past couple years, Jennifer has claimed she and Israel McKinney are trying not to make the same financial mistakes they have made in the past.

On July 15, 2011, the IRS filed yet another lien against Jennifer and Israel McKinney.  This lien has a different file number and is for tax years 2008 and 2009 in the amount of $35,763.19. Their other tax lien is for tax years 2006 and 2007 in the amount of $52,207.33. In case you are wondering, both liens are listed still.

McKinney Lien 2011


MckMama just fled her home she purchased as a contract for deed on September 9, 2009 for $485,000.  Two years later to the day, they moved out. She stated her and Israel want to live a simpler life, “Focusing on trying to be obedient in spending less so we can give more.

By giving more, I hope she means to the IRS, although the records prove doubtful.

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9/11, flying and suicide bomber

I thought it poignant to post these two facts on 9/11. A very emotional day for many. A day written in our history books when terrorists in the form of suicide bombers attacked the United States and thousands of lives were lost.

Around the time Osama Bin Ladin was killed, MckMama posted May 3, 2011, about Israel having a sleep study done.  A way to enhance search engine optimization to her website.  A picture of Israel is shown with electrodes to his head with the wires wrapped around his abdomen into a main “hub” and him holding his iPhone up in the mirror taking a picture of himself. The words just before the picture read, “Don’t do it! Don’t do it, honey!” and below the picture, “Just kidding. He’s not actually a suicide bomber. I bet I totally had you fooled.”

On Friday, September 9, 2011, MckMama flew on an airplane to TX.

On Facebook, she posted, “Watched a lady in front of me get her weave heavily patted down at the airport today. TSA gal stuck her finger into her bun and everything. And a TSA guy was off to the side and he said, “Is it just hair?” And the best was that this lady just stood there like it was NO THING. Maybe she’s used to it. But I was like, “Man, you’re being kind of rough. It’s her hair! And I’m kind of worried you’re going to mess it up.” But that shows you where my priorities are, I guess. :)”

A commenter replied, “The airports and every securty zone is on high alert this weekend. That’s pretty standard anyways.

And MckMama commented back, “Why are they on high alert, XXXX? Yeah, and I bet that’s standard…it WAS a huge bun! :)”


Jennifer McKinney was 25 when this event occurred.  She cannot claim ignorance, yet with a post making light of her husband being a suicide bomber and her blatant unawareness of why security is heightened this weekend, she has made a mockery out of 9/11 and all those affected.

I leave you with this quote:

Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children” George W. Bush

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Propaganda is a soft weapon; hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way. – Jean Anouilh

Here’s a break down for what you’ve missed over the last year:

Lies she has told. Or if you prefer, half truths she never told that we misunderstood:

Things that don’t add up, or are morally wrong, but aren’t necessarily “lies”:


*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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Peeling Off The Layers

There have been a number of “red flags” that have surfaced over the years since we have come to know MckMama.

I think it’s interesting to look at the progression and evolution of MckMama to see how much she’s changed (or how much she hasn’t).

Here are the first tweets where I realized that many of her readers were sending items to MckMama:

MckMama complained that her phone was not working:

And 1 day later:

And then her readers started gifting hotel rooms to her when Stellan was in the hospital @ 40 minutes from MckMama’s house:

One of my very first red flags was this tweet while Stellan was in the hospital in Boston in April 2009:

Just because I am curious, what kind of phone can you use to watch TV?

In May 2009 (after Stellan was discharged from the hospital and MckMama was back home), she posted some pictures from the newly decorated room of her two oldest boys (names have been blurred out by me in the pictures that show their wall letters). This blog post was posted on May 23, 2009:

And just because I know {this site} readers will get a kick out of her closing here, I wanted to share this last image from that post:

4 days after the above post, MckMama tweeted the following series of tweets on May 27, 2009:

In February/March 2010, MckMama and her husband had the opportunity to travel to Africa for the first time with {the charity}.

Ironically, here are her tweets from exactly one year ago today (March 5, 2010):

1 year later after her 2nd trip to Africa with {a charity} just ended less than 1 week ago, she posted the following just yesterday (March 4, 2011):

I will leave you with this quote about onions (and, no, it’s not from the movie “Shrek”)…
Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.
- Carl Sandburg



*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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Words vs Actions

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “What you do speaks so loud, that I cannot hear what you say.”

Here is a Twitter conversation between MckMama and a reader back in June 2010 after MckMama had already written a blog post in March 2010 indicating that her husband gave up his iPhone, so that they could sponsor another {the charity} child. This was after MckMama’s first trip to Africa with {the charity}:

Here is a twitpic that MckMama posted earlier this week (Wed. March 2). Clearly, her husband gave up his iPhone in March 2010:

If you’re having trouble reading the text that goes along with the above twitpic, here it is slightly bigger:

Despite so many posts about how she and her husband have started anew and are making concerted efforts to be financially responsible, a substantial judgment of $27,000+ was filed against her this week:


McKinney Lien 2009



*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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Business as Usual

MckMama has been back home for approximately 2 days now and things are already back to normal.

Things have been very busy on her end. She posted a blog post that generated lots of drama and criticism and has already started a giveaway for this week.

In addition to all of the breast milk that she transported (along with clothing, a camera, her cell phone, a laptop, an electric breast pump, a cooler, etc.), MckMama was also able to bring back coffee beans from her trip to Harar, Ethiopia. In her current giveaway, MckMama is giving away ten one-pound bags of coffee beans to one lucky winner. Readers can enter this giveaway by leaving a comment on MckMama’s blog post and they can also enter a second time if they sign up to receive a copy of the charity newsletter.

Speaking of {the charity}, I’m not sure what is going on with their website, but it has been down for the majority of the past two days. The site will appear for brief periods of time, but you may get an error message or a blank screen the next time you try to access it.

Thing have been busy over here, too. The previous post became bogged down with comments in less than 24 hours. There is a lot of new information floating around in the comment section on the last post, but I am going to hold off on addressing those issues unless/until we can find more information to support these comments.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I want you to know that this site does not have a Twitter account or a Facebook account. I am aware that there are individuals out there who repeatedly post negative comments that are directed at MckMama and her readers on Twitter or take direct quotes from here and put them on Twitter, but I am not behind that activity nor do I endorse it. I know that {this site} had posted something similar in the past, but I would prefer that we keep our comments and discussion on this site. I just don’t believe those comments are going to have the desired impact on MckMama or her readers. It seems that those comments typically end up turning off MckMama’s readers who are starting to question her and make it more difficult for them to keep an open mind about the information that is shared here.

Stay tuned for more information on the big giveaway for a Nook or Kindle to two MckMama readers that make a donation for a “great cause”.



*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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Past Interviews with MckMama and MckDaddy

Yesterday’s post brought back lots of memories when everyone was listing their “aha!” moments. Within those comments, there were multiple references to previous interviews that have taken place with MckMama over the years. For some of the readers here, portions of these interviews were their “aha!” moments.

At the suggestion of a couple commenters here, I am putting the links to these videos in this post since a number of readers said that they had never seen some of them.

* If I am missing any others that you would like to see added to this list, please let me know:

June 14, 2009
Blogger Pregnancy Hoax (Good Morning America interview with MckMama, discussing the “April Rose” scandal)

September 21, 2009
Critics Take Shots at MckMama (interview with Fox 9)

November 11, 2009
Stellan’s Parents Talk About Recovery (interview with Fox 9 – this took place outside the hospital in Boston)

February 22, 2010
Blogging for Big Bucks (interview with KARE 11)

February 22, 2010
Interview with MckDaddy (interview with Moms Like Me – Twin Cities)


*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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When was your Aha! Moment?

* Alternatively Titled:
How did you accidentally end up here?

This is something that comes up a lot here and I know similar posts have been done on this in the past, but I always think it’s pretty interesting.

Since we seem to always have new visitors here, I think it’s nice to do a post like this periodically.
So, when was your “aha!” moment?


*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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Information Regarding Bloggers, Disclosures, & Giveaways

In light of the recent events in the blog world, “iHeartFakeSmiles” asked “melissaaustin” if she would be willing to share some information with all of us on the subject of blogger disclosures and giveaways.

Melissa has a blog of her own and has become familiar with these regulations over the past year. She was willing to write up the following post and we’re hoping that it might help shed some light on how to properly handle these matters on your own blogs, as well as illustrate how giveaways should take place on the blogs that you read.
Thank you, Melissa!
* Keep in mind that the following guidelines apply to bloggers in the United States. Bloggers should research the regulations in their own country to ensure compliance with all current requirements.
Here is Melissa’s post:

“Let me just preface this by saying, I am in no way an expert in the blogging industry. I am simply a blogger, who like many other bloggers, is interested in operating my blog in the most ethical fashion possible.

In 2010 (possibly 2009) the FTC handed down a series of rules, regulating bloggers. For some time, there was no “set in stone way” that we, as bloggers, had to operate. For the most part, the honest bloggers were already implementing the rules in some way or another on our blogs.

Specifically, the FTC set standards in terms of operating giveaways and reviews on our blogs. This was an issue in the past, because some bloggers often would have conflicts of interests among sponsors, that were not known. Also, some bloggers would receive cash compensation for writing favorable reviews and did not tell their readers about their connection to the sponsor.

Now, as I stated before, I am not an expert in FTC guidelines. But, in general this is what the FTC guidelines mean for bloggers.

1.)Bloggers must disclose, on every post, where the product came from. It is perfectly okay to purchase an item and give it away on your blog in the interest of getting more traffic.But, you must disclose that. If you receive the product directly from the company OR a third party you must disclose that on your blog.

2.)Blogger must disclose any compensation they receive. It is common practice for companies to offer either A.) a product B.)Gift cards to Amazon or C.)Cash compensation. You must disclose your compensation. Bloggers are also required to disclose if their compensation had directly affected their posts. If you post a favorable review of a not so favorable thing because you were paid to do so, you have to disclose.

3.)Bloggers must disclose any potential conflicts of interest. For example: I am a Beachbody Coach, promoting other fitness programs has the potential to create a conflict of interest. Same as if I worked for Tmobile, but say Verizon offered me a free phone to write a favorable review. Those conflicts of interests must be disclosed.

4.)Raffles (like JM’s iPad giveaway): The FTC highly frowns upon a blogger hosting a raffle in the manner that she did. Now, they may occasionally let things like that slide. But, it’s typically items of smaller value. People donated HUNDREDS to JM for a chance to win an iPad. Illegal. In fact, PayPal prohibits this type of thing.

So, how does a blogger disclose? If you went to my blog, you would see a general disclosure tab at the top. That is not enough. The FTC requires that we disclose in EVERY post (as you would see in my posts). It doesn’t have to be fancy. Short and sweet and to the point is fine. This has to be on every post.

The FTC has and will come down on bloggers who don’t adhere to their guidelines as well as potentially come down on the sponsor.

The FTC also prohibits bloggers from limiting who can enter. If you have an honest problem with a commenter, such as harrassment or threats, screen shot it and if possible, don’t delete it. That way you have a “paper trail” if the FTC comes a’knockin.

Most honest bloggers will spell out when their giveaway starts and ends and how the winners will be chosen (via for the most part) and go as far as to include screenshots.

Any blogger who will not willingly disclose, or who doesn’t spell out when the giveaway ends (ie: at some point tonight) is probably running a shady giveaway. Newer bloggers might make the mistake. But, in JM’s case, it isn’t a mistake if you keep doing it.

I hope that answers your questions. If I can be of any more help, let me know.”

Melissa Austin :)

* One additional point to make (thanks to commenter “Lisa” here and I know Melissa has discussed this in some of her comments): “ANY compensation, or products received by the blogger for review, (they get one item to review and usually at least one other to giveaway), should be reported to the IRS as INCOME and taxed accordingly.”
* For more information, you can visit the FTC’s website here:


*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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Many (but not all!)

I may have enjoyed the latest post a bit too much.

In case you missed it, MckMama says she is not what her dissenters claim she is. I want to share this here, too:

“See, I am not what some of my dissenters claim me to be. I don’t lie about my children’s haircuts or lead you all into internet scams involving shady charities. I am not the devil incarnate, nor do I sit around plotting how to be deceitful on my blog. I don’t fake to have great adventures with my children just so I can blog about them and I didn’t add food coloring to my rainbow pancakes. I don’t stage messes created by my children or fake medical conditions. The insinuations that I do are baseless and laughable.”

She also says:

“But the fact that many (But not all!) of my critics’ accusations against me are totally false does not release me from having a responsible role in it all. Yet, I have sometimes acted as if it did. When I am accused of things I did not do, called names I don’t deserve, or questioned relentlessly, I still must do the right thing.”

It is so nice of her to give us examples of where we are wrong. We need to do the right thing by cleaning up {this site} and deleting the untruths. Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • I don’t lie about my children’s haircuts (Okay, cross that blog post ou…wait, I don’t see a reference to that? )
  • or lead you all into internet scams involving shady charities. (Oh man, that was an important blog post back in…err….you know, in…..crap, nothing here either. All I can find are responses from other reputable charities.)
  • I am not the devil incarnate, nor do I sit around plotting how to be deceitful on my blog. (I have got to stop with the ‘devil incarnate’ yammering. It’s like it’s a choice phrase around here. Hold the iPhones, search can’t seem to find the phrase anywhere.)
  • I don’t fake to have great adventures with my children just so I can blog about them (Dang, she’s cherry picking all the best posts and shredding all validity there is in them!)
  • I didn’t add food coloring to my rainbow pancakes. (Seriously, folks, we must remove the pancake rebuttal post STAT. This one really seems to bug her.)
  • I don’t stage messes created by my children (How could I have ever made such an egregious claim? Does {this site} have no decency??)
  • or fake medical conditions. (Writing posts about her faking medical conditions is wrong, and I feel humbled and apologetic for my actions…well, I would, but damn, I didn’t write that either.)

There you have it. {this site} has been put in its place. The lies here are much like the insinuations. Baseless and laughable.


*Originally posted by the blog that no longer exists. All words and content are from the original blog.

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